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6-8 September 2024​ | Gwanghwamun Square
Seoul Music Week 2023 day1 foto eric van Nieuwland 124641 복사본.jpg

# 새소식

About Seoul Music Week

Seoul Music Week is an international showcase festival aimed at expanding the international network for musicians, facilitating their entry into the global performance market, promoting overseas distribution of their music, and enhancing their international visibility. During the festival period, 40-50 musicians from both domestic and international backgrounds perform in the heart of Seoul, free of charge. This festival, which has been held since 2016 in the Gwanghwamun area, serves as a downtown festival introducing outstanding musicians not only from Korea but also from around the world, attracting many citizens, tourists, and music enthusiasts who come together to enjoy the performances and support the musicians' endeavors to enter foreign markets through networking events.

Starting from 2023, the festival has been held at Gwanghwamun Square, a representative venue in Korea. Each year, 20-30 foreign experts are invited to introduce excellent musicians and provide networking opportunities for them. Professionals from the music industry such as renowned festival directors, venue planners and programmers, record label representatives, and journalists participate in these events.

The entire event is organized and hosted by the Seoul Music Week Organizing Committee.

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1st line-up for 2024

1. Korean Showcase

Gonia, Eunsil NOH, nuMori, the Tune, Maegandang, Jeongsu PARK, Xiido, Ohelen

2. International Showcase

Dianshui Nanyue (China), Eri Liao + Zanka (Japan), Fabiola Roudha (Guatemala), Joyce N'sana (Canada), Justin Adams and Mauro Durante (Italy, UK), Maria Mazzotta (Italy), Moneka Arabic Jazz (Canada), Lívia & Fred (Brasil), Outlet Drift (Taiwan), Steppe Sons (Kazakhstan), TURAN (Kazakhstan), Tangomotàn (France), 100 Voltas (Spain)

The second lineup will be announced in May.

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