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FAQ for international showcase musicians.

* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

For foreign musicians who will perform the 2017 SMW International Showcase

1. What time should we arrive at the venue on the showcase day?

- All members should arrive an hour before the showcase time.

2. Can we sell the album?

- Yes, you can. We will provide tables for those who want to sell and sign their CD's or Albums. Let us know at least ten days before the showcase performance.

3. How much is the per diem?

- 30,000KRW(24 Euro, 25 USD) per person only for the showcase day.

4. How many days do you offer the accommodations ?

- 2 nights with double-occupancy: 2 artists per room -First night, before the performance and second night, the day of the performance. (You must pay for additional nights)

* We provide 1 more night to the musicians who participated in Jazz Tonic Festival or Jazz in Daegu. (double-occupancy: 2 artists per room) on the performance day

5. How can I go to the Airport - Hotel?

- We provide local transportation to the Airport - Hotel- Airport. Seoul Music Week will pick you up at the Incheon International Airport.

This service will only provide between 18th May to 22nd May.

* 1 Volunteer Staff will help you to use the facilities such as restaurants and coffee shops near the venue.

6. Can we perform other performances besides the showcase of Seoul Music Week?

- Yes, you can. However, the SMW schedule should be given priority.

You must tell us your extra performance at least one month before the showcase.

7. Can we receive the photos and videos from the organizers?

- Seoul Music Week has a photo and video team. SMW photo and video team can send the official photos after the event. With regard to the video, please let us know one month at least before sending you the video of.

All the showcase performances will be shot with one camera.

8. Can musicians participating in the showcase participate in the Conference or Speed ​​Meeting?

- Yes, of course. However, the musician who wants to participate in the speed meeting,

must submit 3 Professional/Delegates' names and the reasons why you would like to meet before April 20. You can check the delegates on the Seoul Music Week website.

9. When will we the Sound Check & Rehearsal?

- Sound Check & Rehearsal will be max. 30 minutes before your show time.

However, if there is a problem in the Technical Rider, you can proceed from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm on the day.

In this case, you will do after consultation with the SMW.

10. Do I need to make 30 minutes for the showcase?

- Yes, you need to configure the Set List for 30 minutes.

However, if the audience requests after the end of the last song, you can play only one additional song. (additional songs must be completed within 5 minutes)

11. Who is responsible for the storage of goods and items in the waiting room?

- The organizer provides security in the waiting room. However, valuables and passports must be taken care of by yourself. If you feel uneasy, you should leave it to the headquarters staff at Seoul Music Week.

12. Can I smoke or drink in the venue?

- The indoor and outdoor areas of the venue, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts are non-smoking area.

Drinks or alcohol; plastic, paper containers are available outdoors, but bottles are not allowed/prohibites.

13. Where is the ATM machine for cash?

- Near Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, there is a bank and 24-hour Convenience Store, where ATM machines are easily accessible.


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