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2020 first Line Up of the International band

Seoul Music Week 2020 first Line Up of the International band. Thank you to all the artists applied for SMW Showcase, and congratulations to those who have been selected for the official showcase. Final Line Up will be announce at early January

1. Anet (Italy/Italian Swing)

2. BLISK (Canada, Ukraine, Poland, Russia/Kazakhstan/Polyphonic Eastern European)

3. Cemelesai(徹摩) X Waven (Taiwan / World Music)

4. Dissidenten (Germany, France, Belgium, Morocco / World Music )

5. Fred Martins (Braszil, Portugal / World Music)

6. GAIZCA PROJECT (Spain, Beligum / folk & traditional from Spain)

7. Grupo Rebolu ( Colombia, USA/ Afro-Colombian)

8. Insultanes (Chile / Latin American & Balkan Fusion, Urban Music)

9. Leaf Yeh & Angus LEE (Taiwan / World music)

10. Lívia Nestrovski & Fred Ferreira ( Brazil / World Music)

11. Olga Cerpa y Mestisay (Spain / Wolrd Music )

12. SHAKUAR (Namibia-Belgium, Morocco, Netherlands / World Music )

13. Shono ( Buryatia, Rusia /Ethno-rock)

14. Tontrakul (Thailand/Electronica Worldbeat)

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